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About the artist - Heather Nevay

Heather Nevay studied Printed Textiles at Glasgow School of Art 1983-88, and left with the intention to paint rather than continue with textiles. Nevay’s work looks at childhood and adolescence– either her  own experiences and memories, or observations of friends and family’s children. Imaginative games, beliefs and the dynamics of friendships are then interpreted in her paintings, in a very literal way. This is countered by the controlled style of painting used to achieve what is both aethestically satisfying but with an underlying discomfort or unease for the viewer through the duplicity of the image. 

Recent works are influenced by documents on The Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The phenomenon of “collective hysteria “fuelled the dramatic and tragic events, causing fear and paranoia within the small community.The same collective hysteria is well known to occur within groups of adolescent girls today.

Nevay exhibits regularly across Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and further afield in the USA. 

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