Paul Barnes

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About the artist - Paul Barnes

“My work is just my way of trying to figure out the world around me”

Paul Barnes’ unique, illustrative and thoughtful paintings portray imagined creatures which possess human like qualities and identities. There is an innate sympathy in his work which seems to mirror personal journeys, the emotional and practical conflicts and resolutions of life combined in a mythical representation, which in many ways can be likened to the idea of a ‘soul’. His ability to capture distinct and empathetic characters resonates with both children and adults, allowing the audience to engage with a more imaginative portrayal of humanity.

Barnes’ work is inspired by an array of historical folklore, cultural and natural cues. His paintings are characterised by a warm, muted palette with a textured and aged appearance, reminiscent of Italian fresco painting but complimented with a timeless subject matter, with recent work featuring a range of tribal, mythical and anthropological creatures.

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