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About the artist - Mick Manning

Manning works from life in both Sweden and the Scottish Borders where wildlife encounters, fishing trips and chance finds inform his work. Recent work features a variation of animal forms printed onto assorted papers; from Second World War military forms rescued from a Lapland hunter’s cabin, to old maps, all blending the narrative and factual influences in his work.

Mick Manning was born in 1959, grew up in Yorkshire and studied Art at Bradford and then Newcastle before an MA at the Royal College of Art. In 1990 he moved to Scotland to become Course Leader in Illustration at The Glasgow School of Art where his alumni have included Mark Hearld, Helen Stephens and Ross Collins. Mick gave up teaching in 1998 to concentrate on his own work as an established artist and illustrator.

What is Pochoir?

Pochoir is the french word for stencil and defines a specific technique employed to create prints. The use of stencil dates back to cave art of the Stone Age, however more recently, Pochoir was often associated with Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Picasso, Matisse and, later, the 20th century Inuit printmakers at the Baker Lake community. The manual aspect of pochoir has been one of its most valuable attributes.

Each of Mick Manning’s prints are created by hand on a variety of surfaces; each one is unique and remains vivid, in both a tactile and visual sense. Any random variation from print to print is intrinsic to the work.

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