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  • Faraway Places - Diane Rendle

    Exhibition: 16th March to 30th March 2015 Faraway Places

    Born and raised in East Africa, Diane’s work is representative of diversity within culture, this combined with a love of travel and stories of explorers, creates a body of work inspired by the vibrancy of foreign lands. Early in life,...SEE MORE»

  • Formation - Donald Provan

    Exhibition: 16th March to 1st April 2015 Formation

    New works by Edinburgh based artist Donald Provan elevate his signature subject matter; aquatic formation below the surface. This exhibition shows a range of new oil paintings, varying in size, that show exploration into background effect and his acute...SEE MORE»

  • New Works - Deborah Cumming

    Exhibition: 4th April to 20th April 2015 New Works

    Deborah Cumming (b.1957) is an Edinburgh based artist whose still life paintings offer vibrant colour, texture and fine detail. Working in oils and applying glazes to her work, Deborah combines her love of flowers with that of textile design drawings...SEE MORE»

  • The Living Mountain - Susie Leiper

    Exhibition: 4th April to 22nd April 2015 The Living Mountain

    What more there is lies within the mountain…

    In her slim masterpiece The Living Mountain Nan Shepherd invites us to look inside the mountain: into the hollows, the chasms, the burns, the lochs. This resonates with Susie Leiper and informs her...SEE MORE»