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  • Best in Show - Brent Millar

    Exhibition: 18th May to 3rd June 2015 Best in Show

    Edinburgh based artist Brent Millar is renowned for his energetic and intuitive capabilities in working with paint, allowing the medium to manipulate the subject matter and form. ‘Best in Show’ features ambitious and accomplished works that delve deep into his...SEE MORE»

  • Homeland - Catharine Davison

    Exhibition: 18th May to 3rd June 2015 Homeland

    Winner of the Lynn Painter- Stainers Prize in 2014, Catharine Davison is renowned for her distinctive Scottish landscapes. Homeland features a series of urban landscapes in both oil and watercolour depicting a range of locations across the city of Edinburgh...SEE MORE»

  • Keepsake - Rachel Ross

    Exhibition: 8th June to 24th June 2015 Keepsake

    Rachel Ross’s intricate paintings feature calculated compositions that encapsulate personal histories through memorabilia. The method of creation runs parallel to the subject through placing value on every detail; a reflection on silverware or the creased fabric of a timeless piece...SEE MORE»

  • New Work - David Schofield

    Exhibition: 8th June to 24th June 2015 New Work

    New work by David Schofield toys with everyday locations, disrupting narratives with surreal elements.

    A Scottish tenement building is transformed into a grand coliseum, the commuter masses turn into a sea of figures and narratives are formed from a mass of...SEE MORE»

  • Willie Rodger RSA RGI -

    Exhibition: 8th June to 24th June 2015 Willie Rodger RSA RGI

    Willie Rodger RSA RGI (b.1930) is Scotland’s renowned pre-eminent relief printmaker producing wood and linocuts without the use of a press. This exhibition showcases a broad selection of Rodgers strongest and most desirable prints ranging in both scale and subject...SEE MORE»