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  • Inside the Box -

    Exhibition: 19th July to 4th August 2014 Inside the Box

    Selected gallery artists have been invited to work within the realms of construction, producing 3D works both stand- alone and wall based. This thematic exhibition has challenged artists to think outside the lines of their conventional practice, manipulating their materials...SEE MORE»

  • Small Retrospective -

    Exhibition: 19th July to 4th August 2014 Small Retrospective

    Alexander Cree (1929 – 2014) studied at Edinburgh College of Art under the guidance of Sir William Gillies, where his renowned painting skills were born. Cree was notably influenced by Bonnard and the impressionists and devoted a lot of time...SEE MORE»

  • Summer Show -

    Exhibition: 19th July to 4th August 2014 Summer Show

    Our annual Summer Show invites a selection of artists to submit works for a mixed exhibition, with no designated theme or restrictions the artists are invited to exhibit what best represents their practice at that time. As a result the...SEE MORE»

  • Art in Architecture -

    Exhibition: 11th August to 6th September 2014 Art in Architecture

    Born in Scotland in 1936, Keith McCarter trained at Edinburgh College of Art from 1956 to 1960. After graduation he travelled extensively in Europe and Scandinavia and lived in the USA where he worked as a glass designer. His three-dimensional...SEE MORE»

  • Painting and Printmaking -

    Exhibition: 11th August to 6th September 2014 Painting and Printmaking

    Scottish Masters features paintings by some of Scotland’s greatest post-war artists including Robin Philipson, John Bellany, Steven Campbell, Elizabeth Blackadder, Adrian Wiszniewski and Alan Davie.

    Housed in the Print Room at Open Eye Gallery, the exhibition features a selection of significant...SEE MORE»

  • Leon Morrocco: Recollection -

    Exhibition: 11th August to 6th September 2014 Leon Morrocco: Recollection

    A recollective exhibition of works by Leon Morrocco spanning five decades and documenting the life of a travelling artist.

    The art of travel has defined Leon Morrocco’s life and work. The grandson of Italian immigrants to Scotland, he has...SEE MORE»