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  • Beasts of Scotland - Mick Manning

    Exhibition: 27th April to 11th May 2015 Beasts of Scotland

    This exhibition encompasses unique pochoir prints that are individually made by hand, using hand-cut stencils, stipple application and block printing; techniques that date back to the Stone Age. Any variation from print to print is intrinsic to the work, making...SEE MORE»

  • Islands - Sarah Carrington

    Exhibition: 27th April to 13th May 2015 Islands

    Sarah Carrington’s landscape paintings find their origins from islands and their remote landscapes. Whether seen from the land or sea, island shapes form an important part of Great Britain’s iconic geography. The country is home to over 6,000 islands, the...SEE MORE»

  • Sea Salt & Sour Dough - Brita Granström

    Exhibition: 27th April to 11th May 2015 Sea Salt & Sour Dough

    Paintings from life

    Brita Granström’s work presents paintings that capture intimate, everyday moments; revealing domestic interiors and seascapes inspired by her home life and the landscapes of the Scottish borders. Brita’s paintings are personal, playful and charming and very much...SEE MORE»

  • Best in Show - Brent Millar

    Exhibition: 18th May to 3rd June 2015 Best in Show

    Edinburgh based artist Brent Millar is renowned for his energetic and intuitive capabilities in working with paint, allowing the medium to manipulate the subject matter and form. ‘Best in Show’ features ambitious and accomplished works that delve deep into his...SEE MORE»