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  • Elytra - Lynne Windsor

    Exhibition: 29th June to 25th July 2015 Elytra

    Definition of Elytra: protective wing-cases, modified forewings of a beetle or related insect that encase the thin hind wings used in flight.

    Darwin’s beetle box and Lynne’s study of her own exterior surroundings have been the catalyst for this body of...SEE MORE»

  • Intersections and Balances - Robert Maguire OBE FRSA

    Exhibition: 29th June to 25th July 2015 Intersections and Balances

    This showcase of abstract sculpture is created by distinguished architect Robert Maguire, who shows a body of work based on the geometry of intersecting 3-dimensional orthogonal systems.

    Maguire devoted his career to an architecture in which ‘sculptural’ form, rather than fashionable...SEE MORE»

  • Panel Paintings - Invited Artists

    Exhibition: 29th June to 25th July 2015 Panel Paintings

    This summer exhibition invites a broad range of gallery artists to create works on wooden panels inspired by the concept of miniatures. Traditionally, panel paintings often refer to early 13th and 14th century Italian altar pieces with strongly religious...SEE MORE»