Rachel Ross Artist's Talk

Rachel Ross is drawn to the ordinary possessions of past generations. Letters, notebooks, ribbons, keys – all represent unknown lives and stories of their own. They speak to us and make a connection through time. Her subjects have become worn through use and handling, whether a pair of shoes, a scratched spoon or a yellowed letter. Some might have been valued while others were barely noticed. Ross’ work is both an appreciation of the objects as they are - their form, colour and patina - and also what they might represent to artist and viewer. 

Rachel Ross will be giving an artist's talk on Saturday 10 June at 12 noon.
With the paintings on exhibition side-by-side the objects they represent, the talk will be an opportunity to hear more about Ross' technique and concepts.

To secure your place, please RSVP to mail@openeyegallery.co.uk.
Please note that this is an informal talk and seating will be limited. 

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Lockets With Feather 42X40Cm Acrylic On Board

Rachel Ross, Lockets with Feather, acrylic on board, 42 x 40 cm