Mick Manning's Near The Bear North Book Launch

The Open Eye Gallery recently celebrated the launch of Mick Manning's new book Near The Bear North.

Near The Bear North is a limited edition book illustrated by Mick Manning using his trademark pochoir stencil technique and medium. This ABC for all ages celebrates the untamed beauty of northern fauna and flora as experienced by Manning on his travels in Scotland and Scandinavia and as Manning writes in the introduction, it involved some very close encounters;

‘The word Arctic comes from the ancient Greek word arktikos that translates as ‘near the Bear, north’. It refers to The Great Bear constellation but for me it also recalls a summer day in Lapland. I was returning to our log cabin after a fishing trip, retracing my original path, when I came upon huge paw prints imprinted on top of my own outward-bound tracks; a brown bear had followed me and the squashed moss was still bouncing up again.’

Near The Bear North is published by Design For Today a small London based publishing press inspired by mid-century design and lithography. An exhibition of the unique pochoir-stencil artworks as well as signed copies of the book itself are available for purchase from the gallery. But be quick, the book is proving incredibly popular!

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Front Of Card Brown Bear Pochoir Stencil Book Cover

Limited edition book illustrated by Mick Manning using pochoir stencil. Published by Design for Today. Signed copies are available.