The Scottish Lettercutters Association: Sweets and Doughnuts: Dulcia et Circuli

23 June - 24 July 2017

The Scottish Lettercutters Association: Sweets and Doughnuts: Dulcia et Circuli

Exhibiting members: Ian Evans-Boiten, Gus Fisher, Gillian Forbes, Alex Holmes, Ian Newton, Jane Raven, Robbie Schneider MRBS. 

Letters cut in stone, wood, plaster and glass will be on show in the first exhibition of Scottish Lettercutters Association at the Open Eye Gallery. The Scottish Lettercutters Association (SLA) was established by a group of professional lettercutters in 2000 to promote and encourage the development of high standards of contemporary lettercutting in Scotland and to increase public awareness and interest in both historic and contemporary lettercutting. The exhibition will celebrate the creativity, scope and exquisite craftsmanship of the SLA’s work. 

'Bring on the Sweets and Doughnuts... with jam and cream ! Why not? As letter carvers the ABC is our bread and butter, but as a diet it can sometimes get a bit dry. A little perk is needed, a sweetener. And since it's the Roman Alphabet we're working with, let's take a lead from the Romans themselves. They knew all about bribes and the ABC. The author Horace, in his first satire published in 35 BCE, writes of teachers bribing their pupils with biscuits so that they will be willing to learn their alphabet (ut pueris olim dant crustula blandi doctores, elementa velint ut discere prima: from Satirae 1). The offer of similar enticements, “sweets and donuts and whatever children enjoy” is recorded in the 4th century CE Augustan History (dulcia et circuli et quaecumque voluptas puerilis invitet: from Scriptores Historiae Augustae, Tacitus 3.5). Sweets and donuts? Perhaps perk enough for us is to show our work to you.'

The Scottish Lettercutters Association will be giving a talk about their exhibition on Saturday 24 June, 12 noon. 

To attend, please rsvp by emailing or by phoning 0131 557 1020. Please note that this is an informal talk and seating will be limited.