Sheila McInnes: Greet the Sky

6th - 28th March 2020

Sheila McInnes: Greet the Sky

'Birds wheel and dive to describe the shape and scope of it. Trees stretch up to snag their twigs in clouds. Every day, wherever we might be, we greet the sky.'

These paintings are glimpses. Things noticed in passing. Encounters with owls. Ordinary everyday pleasures, under the all embracing sky.

Sheila McInnes’ paintings are intensely personal, they capture her everyday life, her response to things that she has experienced, either yesterday, in her childhood or even events that she imagines might have been.

Having developed a highly individual style, she beautifully observes situations, everyday scenes of life captured in a moment. Her work has been described as ‘a mixture of the naïve, the personal, and the sophisticated' in its handling of colour and tone.

This showcase of recent paintings pays particular attention to the relationship with the sky and the world around her, highlighting the wonderfully naïve approach to her work, to which she has become known for.

Born in Kirkcaldy in Fife in 1963, McInnes studied architecture at Edinburgh College of Art, qualifying as an architect in 1988. After working in an architectural practice for a time she decided to pursue life as a full-time artist and began exhibiting her paintings in 1991, exhibiting regularly in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London since.