Paul Furneaux RSA: Borrowed Light

7 - 22 November 2016

Paul Furneaux RSA: Borrowed Light

Borrowed Light by Paul Furneaux surveys new works which reveal his ongoing explorations into Mokuhanga, a traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking technique. Known for his painterly approach to such a unique and delicate form of print, this selection of works reveal a manifestation of both subject and process. 

Each work has an internal life of its own; they are as much about landscape, interior, changing weather, as they are autobiographical narratives. Such a considered and in some ways limiting process, involves a personal connection with each aspect of the overall piece. From the handmade tools and choice of paper and pigments to the amount of pressure exerted to print, each element builds a landscape of colour and form unique to Paul. An extension of this body of work is the transformation of 2D prints into 3D  wall mounted sculptural pieces. These employ further skills developed in Japan while learning how to make "byobu" Japanese folding screens. 

Paul Furneaux studied Painting at Edinburgh College of Art graduating in 1987 and has developed a teaching career alongside his practice. Travel has been crucial to the development of his work and he has completed a range of residencies in Paris, USA, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Poland, Ireland and Japan. The most recent being to the Isle of Lewis in the spring of 2016, many of the works featured within the exhibition have been inspired greatly by his time there.

This exhibition has been made possible with the support of the RSA residency programme, The Barns-Graham Charitable Trust and An Lanntair Art Centre.