Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling: Vessels in Wood

31 May – 24 June 2019

Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling: Vessels in Wood

A showcase of wonderfully textured hand-crafted sculptural vessels in oak. Malcolm Martin and Gaynor Dowling create sculpture in wood, from monumental forms for a secret garden, to domestic vessels sewn together from sections of veneer. Each piece is meticulously hand carved, mainly in oak, and often limed white and scorched to enhance the texture of the markings.

Hand tools and carving is central to their work, the textures created are all about repetition, the way that an unguided hand and tool will naturally create a texture that’s infinitely rich and varied, without being ‘mechanical’ or ‘wooden’. Pre-occupied with the tension between form and surface their domestic interior pieces have an affinity with the flatness of walls, sculptures for the landscape curve to invite the viewer to move around them and see their constantly changing profiles.

Always expanding their repertoire of forms, they aim to echo vessels seen in ceramic, glass, or even plastic, but that also echo the forms of furniture and architecture. They also enjoy experimenting with scale, from the miniature and precious to the huge and heavy. Vessel and disc forms have been at the heart of their work since the beginning, and more recently the larger single forms have been joined by groups of pieces forming 'Still Lifes’, these groups are at once intimate vessels for the hand and a landscape on a table.

Martin and Dowling live and work together in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in England's Cotswold hills. Working together on every stage of the creative process, they have been collaborating full time since 1997. Having established international reputation and an impressive collector base their work is exhibited internationally and they have produced many public commissions throughout the UK.