Catharine Davison RSW: The World Outside

April 2020

Catharine Davison RSW: The World Outside

This exhibition of new works maps the exploration of the expansive topography of the Pentland Hills through to more the intimate physical world of green spaces, public places, waterways, and suburban gardens in south Edinburgh surrounding Davison’s home in Oxgangs.

Each work represents a form of perceptual truth and reality, where the interplay between formal experimentation and content is rooted in nature. Curated from a significant output, this exhibition reveals a breadth of interest and depth of experience which takes you on a celebratory journey of life through paint.

The drawings and paintings in this exhibition charts a creative passion of working directly from source within the landscape. Davison’s commitment to the plein air tradition has under-pinned her practice for three decades. Immersing herself in the present, this enables her to honour each situation fully.

With its inherent practicalities and intense concentration, Davison’s experience and knowledge allows her to be purposeful, creative and instinctive in searching for a visual response.