Cate Inglis: Grey Areas

23 February - 10 March 2018

Cate Inglis: Grey Areas

Cate Inglis' exhibition Grey Areas is an exploration of disused land and urban wildernesses. The exhibition is an in-depth study of the derelict ground and empty spaces that pervade the urban landscape.

A large part of Inglis' practice involves undertaking urban exploration of decaying industrial sites and abandoned land, often finding only a concrete floor and fenced perimeter marking the boundary of what once stood there. In these works she highlights the vast emptiness and quiet disintegration of these vague and purposeless spaces.

Since her first exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery in 2016, an important development in Inglis' practice has been the use of ink to create a textural monoprint, resulting in a blackened ghost image of each subject, before working into this with oils. Still placing an emphasis on draughtsmanship, her viewpoint has expanded to explore the wider wastelands of the built environment.

Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art, Inglis has been awarded the Royal Glasgow Institute Armour Award for Landscape Painting of Distinction (2013); the Scottish Society of Artists Open Eye Gallery Exhibition Prize (2014); the Paisley Art Institute Art Hire Framing Prize and Glasgow Art Club Leiper Fine Art Prize (2015); the Royal Glasgow Institute City of Glasgow College Purchase Prize (2016) and the Paisley Art Institute James BS Curr Award (2017). Exhibiting regularly throughout the UK, Inglis currently lives and works in the West End of Glasgow.