Ann Ross RSW: Flora and Fauna

3 - 20 November 2017

Ann Ross RSW: Flora and Fauna

Ann Ross RSW lives in Edinburgh and is a frequent exhibitor with the Open Eye Gallery and various private galleries throughout Britain.

She has always been inspired by the world around her, at home or abroad. The memory of different experiences, cultures, weather, people, animals and wildlife, towns, buildings and landscape have all been recalled in her work.

‘I try to recall special moments of light, colour, pattern or shape in the world around me wherever I happen to be and try to fix those details in my mind and in sketchbooks. I use these drawings and recalled memories to make images in my studio using different waterbased media, painted assemblage and collaged ephemera. 

This last few years I have spent much time working, watching and listening in gardens and many of these recent works are visual memories of special moments involving the garden plants and visiting wildlife.’